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The new Prince de Galles' bar

You can come in any time you like. The kitchens in Bar 19.20 are open for breakfast to a post-midnight refreshment, a perfect way to enjoy one another's company.

The cuisine reflects the Prince de Galles' enthusiasm for classics, latest fads are ignored. Only the finest and the tastiest flavors are showcased here.

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The chef and French cuisine

Gérald Poirier loves a challenge. Having cooked all over the world - from the icy seas of Antarctica to the lagoons of the Pacific aboard the prestigious Ponant sailing ships, and from the Caribbean to the beautiful Manoir de Gressy near Paris, this nature and travel-lover manages a fantastic team of talented, enthusiastic individuals.

Returning to basics and simplicity is his main objective, using fine products and working with producers from the Paris area and France's most beautiful regions. The iconic dishes of French cuisine are revived by locally sourced ingredients and a passion for seasonality.

With 100 years of history behind it, the Prince de Galles takes you on a journey through a century of cuisine and along the iconic dishes that have marked French culture.

From the 1930s and the great classics of the Parisian brasserie, such as the signature dish sweetbread 'Vol-au-Vent', to the 1950s and the triumph of 'sole Meunière' with butter, right up to the 2020s and the emergence of wellness cuisine rich in cereals and seeds. Every decade reveals its treasures, forgotten dishes brought back to life in an uncomplicated, simple manner.

A native of the Ile-de-France area around Paris, Chef Gérald Poirier has surrounded himself with the best local producers to ensure that only the highest quality, the finest, and most seasonal ingredients are used. As an ultimate luxury, the Chef has devised a range of cognac-based sauces, which also reflects the creations of Chef Barman, Roberto Catalano.

On a weekly basis, a unique lunchtime set menu suitable for the timing requirements of a business lunch offers an innovative journey through time.

The great Prince de Galles classic dishes such as croque-monsieur with black truffle, the 19.20 burger, the Prince's club sandwich, the well-being salad, etc. are available at all times.

Patisseries and the 'Miroir' effect
At the Prince de Galles, Tristan Rousselot takes his inspiration from the iconic sweet pastries and pays homage to the skills and expertise of French patisserie with his "Miroir" collection. Traditional strawberry shortcake, 'millefeuille', coffee 'Religieuse', and 'Paris-Brest' are absolute must-haves, in a revised, modernized version. A reverential nod to the creativity and constant evolution of the pastry chef's craftsmanship.
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Tea Time and refreshments

Drawing its inspiration from the French 'art-de-vivre' lifestyle, tea time at the Prince de Galles is a time to savor a gourmet bite. The "15.20" set menu is a special tea-for-two, goûter in French, to share and enjoy a tea or a coffee, some sweet and savory bites (such as a seasonal tart, pastries, cake of the day, etc.) and surprise delicacies.

See the Tea Time menu
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