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  • Bar & Restaurant 19.20 by Norbert Tarayre
    Restaurant & Bar 19.20 by Norbert Tarayre
  • 19.20
  • Bar 19.20 Design
Open - 8:30am-12:30am/WE:10am-12:30am Open hours list
  • A bistronomic journey

    Welcome to a bistronomic journey

    Nestled along the illustrious George V Avenue, steps away from the Champs-Élysées, our restaurant pays homage to the rich traditions of French bistronomic cuisine.

    Step into a world where simplicity meets elegance, and authenticity is the heart and soul of every dish. Our menu is a masterful blend of locally-sourced ingredients, lovingly prepared to showcase the true essence of French cuisine.

  • Chef


    After 10 years of sharing his expertise on the small screen through a number of TV shows, Chef Norbert Tarayre wants to refocus on what drives him deepest - cooking.

    Today, Chef Norbert Tarayre takes a new turn in his career as a chef by teaming up with the prestigious Avenue George V hotel: The Prince de Galles, for which he offers a new interpretation of essential bistro dishes with sincerity.

  • Cuisine


    Chef Norbert Tarayre has set himself a crazy challenge: to offer Belle Epoque cuisine that's affordable and accessible both on the plate and in terms of price, with dynamic service that's as close to the customer as possible. His cuisine will be sourced from high-quality local produce. Emphasis will also be placed on "anti-gaspi" and new collaborations with producers will see the light of day.
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