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The new Prince de Galles' bar

An exciting addition to Bar 19.20 is 'l'Alcôve' - a private dining area. The secluded room hosts 10 people and is specially tailored for epicureans and food lovers who want to deepen their knowledge of French and Parisian 'savoir-faire' and return to the origins of fine food. Conceived around the idea of experience, excellence, and encounters, tastings are organised with winegrowers and small champagne and cognac producers, as well as casual talks with market gardeners, artisan cheese-makers, and bakers. Dinners with food and wine pairings and four-handed feasts are regularly held too. Head barman, Roberto Catalano, reveals the secrets behind the art of French-style cocktails and pastry chef, Tristan Rousselot, introduces you to the delicacies of a Paris-Brest, the religieuse pastry and the chocolate éclairs of his childhood.

Please contact our team to privatize the bar Alcôve.

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